Terran Union Planetary Identification Class
First Stage Colony World

Cliea 5A48 is a Colony class world currently owned by the Terran Union.

“Cliea 5A48 is the newest world in the Union, barely two years old and mostly empty aside from a lonely bar, a mining facility and some low grade industry.”

These are the locations that you can currently teleport to using the Quantum Gate service:

  • Main Outpost
  • Mining Facility
  • Processing Facility

The Terran Union presence on Cliea 5A48 is spread between the Main Outpost compound, different industrial facilities, and housing complexes for citizens. Due to this, services have been spread across the colony to accommodate the specific roles of each location. Services in the Main Outpost are:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • Storage Terminals
  • A Medical Terminal
  • ATM Terminals
  • Public Service Terminals
  • Market Terminals

Services at the Mining Facility are:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • Mining Terminals
  • Storage Terminals

Services at the Processing Facility are:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • A Workbench Terminal
  • A Production Terminal

Minerals found on Cliea 5A48 can be commonly found on other worlds. These include:

  • Biomass
  • Caoutchouc
  • Carbon
  • Protein
  • Silicon
  • Sulfur
  • Water