Terran Union Planetary Identification Class
First Stage Colony World

Cliea 5A48 is a Colony class world currently owned by the terran_union.

“Cliea 5A48 is the newest world in the Union, barely two years old and mostly empty aside from a lonely bar, a mining facility and some low grade industry.”

These are the locations that you can currently teleport to using the Quantum Gate service:

  • Entry
  • Lower
  • Hallway

Since the Terran Union presence on Cliea 5A48 is contained within a single outpost, all the services are located in a single structure. Here you can find:

  • Mining Terminals
  • Storage Terminals
  • Medical Terminals
  • Workbench Terminals
  • ATM Terminals
  • Public Service Terminals
  • Market Terminal

Minerals found on Cliea 5A48 can be commonly found on other worlds. These include:

  • Carbon
  • Copper
  • Caoutchouc
  • Silicon
  • Coal
  • Sulfur
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Bauxite
  • Biomass
  • Chemicals