Terran Union Planetary Identification Class
First Stage Colony World

Aurora is a Colony class world currently owned by the Terran Union.

“So-called because of the spectacular effect of the almost constant bombardment of ionized particles on the planet's atmosphere, Aurora is a desolate world. Aside from the spaceport, TDC outpost, and mining areas, there is little in the way of human development. The reason Aurora was never fully colonized is simple. In 2145 an excavation team searching for high-value metals discovered a series of buildings obviously of alien origin. The TDC immediately quarantined the area and continues to do so while the Union scientists investigate the 'Builder' ruins. The effectiveness of this quarantine has waxed and waned over the previous decade and a half with artifact hunters breaching the quarantine on a regular basis. The ruins and the artifacts that come from them tend to have a psychic imprint and many find them eerie, but somehow compelling and there is a strong underground trade on Earth for Builder artifacts.”

These are the locations that you can currently teleport to using the Quantum Gate service:

  • Ruins Outposts
  • Refinery
  • Canyon Outpost
  • Mountain Outpost

Since the Terran Union presence on Aurora is contained within numerous outposts scattered across the planet surface, vital services have been divided between them.

At the Ruins Outpost, the services provided are:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • ATM Terminals
  • A Medical Terminal
  • Public Service Terminals
  • Workbench Terminals
  • Storage Terminals

At the Refinery, you can find:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • Mining Terminals
  • Production Terminals

At the Canyon Outpost, the services are:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • Market Terminals
  • Public Service Terminals
  • Storage Terminals
  • A Medical terminal

The Mount Outpost has a couple Storage Terminals and a Medical Terminal.

Aurora was colonized by the Terran Union mostly in part to its abundance of strategic resources that are unique to this gloomy, xeno-infested planet. The following minerals are found on Aurora:

  • Cetracet Gas
  • Diamond
  • Plasma
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Uranium