Union City District

The Underground District of Union City is currently owned by the Terran Union.

“One of the last deposits of Minerals on Earth, the Union City Underground district is a hotbed for illegal activity due to its displacement from populated centers and mining corporations seeking to secure the last resources on Earth before they run out. “

These are the locations that you can currently teleport to using the Quantum Gate service:

  • Mining
  • Production
  • Storage

Since the Underground District is a self contained center of Union City, you can find the following services here:

  • A Quantum Gate
  • ATM Terminals
  • A Medical Terminal
  • A Public Service Terminal
  • Workbench Terminals
  • Storage Terminals
  • A Market Terminal
  • Production Terminals

Aurora was colonized by the Terran Union mostly in part to its abundance of strategic resources that are unique to this gloomy, xeno-infested planet. The following minerals are found on Aurora:

  • Bauxite
  • Carbon
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Silicon
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc