Avalon Enterprises

London, Earth, Sol
Director (R7)
Sir Paxton Cunningham

Avalon Enterprises is the newest of the Big Three Megacorps but is the largest of the three. Clan McDowell originally grew the corporation through a mix of opportunism and ruthless adventurism. Founded in London in the late 21st century Avalon Enterprises took advantage of the chaos surrounding the imminent economic collapse of the Anglo-American Federation to stake their claim as people who could ‘get what you need.’ As traditional supply lines began to fracture McDowell started to make deals within the new Union Government and with suppliers in Union City itself to provide much needed medical provisions to counter the collapsing medical infrastructure of the AAF. To this day rumors abound making the early McDowells out to be nothing more than smugglers who somehow managed to carve a niche for themselves supplying medical care to English aristocrats, a rumor strongly denied by the McDowells and their retainers.

By 2100 Avalon had established itself as the largest pharmaceutical corporation in the Anglosphere providing everything from emergency first aid and hospital care to high-end research into panaceas. Privatising several formerly public enterprises, and reportedly buying the NHS for a single penny.

In 2101 Avalon began to diversify its portfolio investing heavily in new farming and food production techniques. Financing, in particular, the new Chicago Aquacenter and growing areas on Mars.

In 2103 Sir Alistair McDowell negotiated the entrance of the British Commonwealth into the Union with the rest of the AAF following merely months after. Gaining rewards from both the Crown and from the Union Government the new Lord McDowell began expanding his corporation’s influence into Union City itself.

In 2108 a major ‘marsquake’ occurred on Mars which caused immense damage to the hydroponics areas of the New Colombia base. Unfortunately for Avalon, this is where they had been making a new branch of genetically modified foodstuffs. The resulting leak of teratogenic materials into the habitation areas caused untold damage to the future generations of the colony, and Avalon took the resulting liability. The McDowell family already somewhat reclusive began to make fewer and fewer public appearances, disappearing completely from the public eye sometime around 2110.

In 2116 a series of terrorist strikes hit Avalon’s secondary pharmaceutical plants in North America and South Asia. Unimpressed with the CPC and TDC response Director Sir Joshua Rory-Pewel approached a seasoned mercenary veteran Arthur King with a carte blanche. King would create a security company solely for use by Avalon in exchange he would be able to mold the security force in any way he wished. Thus in 2117 King created the Avalon Knights, taking disaffected policemen, soldiers and mercenaries looking for an easy lifeguarding corporate assets and turned them into an effective and disciplined fighting force, loyal to the corporation and viewing themselves as knights of old in service to their corporate lords.

By 2121 Avalon Enterprises had recovered its losses and was the largest corporate in human space-based almost entirely off their food and medical provisioning with Avalon providing 80% of the raw foodstuffs in the Union.

When the frontier was opened for corporate exploitation Avalon Enterprises was among the most enthusiastic supporters of colonization, seeing opportunity in the new extra-solar markets. First helping solve the New Terra problem in 2130 and finally in 2140 founding the colony of New Avalon.

Today Avalon Enterprises is a vicious byzantine meritocracy with the McDowells choosing the Director and all other ranks stemming from him. The only times the McDowells interfere in corporate matters is when their profits as shareholders are affected.

Rank Name Description
0 Intern Interns must prove themselves before they are allowed to join Avalon as regular Employees.
1 Employee Employees have proved themselves loyal to the corp above all else and have been trained to an acceptable standard. They make up the rank and file of departments.
2 Technician Particularly successful Employees are called Technicians and are truly on their first step of the corporate ladder.
3 Team Lead Team Leads are responsible for meeting quotas and setting groups to tasks.
4 Consultant Consultants are in charge of large-scale operations and keeping the Team Leads in line.
5 Junior Partner Junior Partners report to partners and may run smaller departments.
6 Partner Partners run departments.
7 Director The Director runs the faction and reports to the McDowell clan

Department of Earth

The department of Avalon that is devoted to feeding the peoples of Earth, this is the most prestigious of the Avalonian departments.

Department of Medicine

The department of Avalon devoted to the manufacture of medical equipment and drugs.

Department of Sustenance

This department focuses almost entirely on the production of raw foodstuffs for sale to the kitchens of the colonies.

Avalon Knights

The Knights are Avalon’s corporate security, many of them take their name a little too seriously adopting chivalric mannerisms and carrying swords.