Civil Protection Commission

Judicial Quarter, Union City
Commissioner (R7)
Qiang Féng

During the early 22nd century, with the development of the Faster Than Light (FTL) Drive along with the mass expansion into deep space, it quickly became apparent that the local, state and galactic bodies charged with ensuring the rule of law and the keeping of the peace was fast becoming inadequate. Organized gangs were running rackets between the numerous territories; anti-Union Government movements slipped between policing jurisdictions operating bombing and supply raids with near impunity. It was clear something needed to be done to put down the outbreak of violence plaguing the colonial frontier.

In 2129 a solution was pioneered by Councillor Theresa Yam, who proposed the formation of one Law Enforcement Body – a body whose remit would include all policing, custodial and customs enforcement within Union space, a department not bound by traditional jurisdictional constraints or borders, one that could operate seamlessly throughout the frontier.

On a stormy November afternoon, the Senate's emergency vote was swift and decisive. The Council agreed 10-1 that a new policing body is to be created with immediate effect, the Civil Protection Commission was launched, coming into full operation in 2132.

Today we have taken a leap forward in ensuring the safety of not only our generation but the ones after it. For too long our people who work tirelessly have been the victims of ruthless criminal gangs and organized crime rackets, exploiting our disorganized and disjointed policing divisions… no more will this be the case. The Civil Protection Commission will work to put an end to the suffering and will ensure that justice is delivered to all those who challenge the internal security of the Union Government and her citizens.Councillor Theresa Yam

The formation was initially chaotic as criminals went unchecked along the borders of space, slipping through either the frequent breaches in security or merely paying off the all too common corrupt official. Training and the thorough integration of numerous national and private law enforcement officers was a monumental task that failed to meet the initial expectations of the council. Many officers from the former policing groups were wary at the thought of working directly for the Union, a number turned in their badges, leaving their posts for more lucrative careers out on the frontier working in engineering, mining or Corp-Sec Divisions. 2134 saw a slow-down of transferee officers many carving their paths; the syndicate gangs saw their opportunity to dig deeper into remote social systems, efficiently integrating their way into frontier society, embedding themselves like ticks in the chaotic mess the CPC's formation had caused.

Thankfully, since its chaotic start, relative stability has fallen on the faction. Today, Earth and the Sol System boasts the largest concentration of commissioned officers, charged with the task of defending the Union's seat of power, ensuring it remains secure. Petty street crime runs rife throughout the sprawl of the city, but the upper inter-connected towers that reach high into the clouds of Union City are relatively free of criminal activity due to the frequent patrols conducted by the CPC. The territories within the Sol System are equally well policed by the Commission who provide a visible, high-profile presence on the various well-established facilities and colonial stations.

The farther away from central Union control, on the fringes of colonized space, the force finds itself underfunded, understaffed and frequently outgunned by criminal gangs and the hired thugs who specialize in not only advanced militia tactics but are also armed with the most destructive weaponry available on the shadow markets. The Commission, out of necessity, has been forced to pay lip service to police within the deep fringe territories. Subversion, gang activity, and common criminality are at its highest in the dark veils of space… reluctantly among the High Command of the Department policing services in many of these territories has out of necessity been heavily supplemented by both private security and mercenary outfits. The fringe territories remain mainly a safe haven for the Union's most wanted and dangerous criminals who take advantage of the lax enforcement, skipping from one remote station to the next.

The pronounced struggles facing the Commission within the outer colonial territories have forced the Union Government to promise reform and action. The Union continues to guarantee further funding with an added increase in cadet numbers, in reality, the assured finances are frequently diverted to the military in its continued offensive on the outer border worlds. With the high turnover of officers either in the line of duty or merely quitting their posts for better career prospects elsewhere has meant little in the way of improving the effectiveness of the troubled force.

The only thing that is certain behind this bureaucratic chaos is that it remains business as usual for the crime bosses who continue to peddle their poison and lethal hardware onto the suffering citizens of the Union.

Rank Name Description
0 Cadet​
1 Patrolman
2 Constable
3 Enforcer
4 Inspector
5 Superintendent
6 Commandant
7 Commissioner

Urban Patrol Division [UPD]

The backbone of the CPC is its uniformed response and patrol unit, tasked with maintaining the rule of law within Union City. It is where every new cop cuts their teeth and learns the job. From responding to fist fights, disorderly behavior, drug pushing, and shoot-outs, a few years in this department will set a Cadet up with proper grounding. Opportunity for promotion is frequent in the division due to a large number of staff members on its roster.

Immigration & Customs Service [ICS]

A large branch of the Commission responsible for the detection of smuggled goods in and out of Union City and the detention of 'persons of interest.' Primarily working out of the various immigration entry points they check incoming cargo for contraband be it illegal narcotics, weaponry & implants. Passengers from colonial borders are routinely scanned to determine their wanted status in their attempts of slipping on or off-world.

Colonial Protection Unit [CPU]

A response and patrol division for the colonies, tasked with keeping the peace out into far reaches of space. The work is demanding and dangerous, very rarely will recruits fresh out of training be posted to direct to the CPU and instead it is expected rookies show their muster back home on earth before venturing out into the dangers of the colonies.

Custodial Detention Division [CDD]

The CDD is employed with the protection of the High-Security Prison Facility Off-world, its primary duties are the continued safe detention of all inmates, the continued efficient operation of the prison and the prevention of contraband entering the prison complex. A rough and thankless job but one with plenty of promotion opportunities at the end of it should a recruit decide to become a full-time warder.

Tactical Response Unit [TRU]

Simply put the Unit is comprised of the best warriors the organization has. Many officers are former military ranks fresh from the frontier wars, grizzled veterans who are deployed to face the Councils most dangerous adversaries, they are trained to handle terrorist incidents, hostage rescues and barricaded suspect scenarios. To put it simply, when the cops need help, they call in the TRU.

Criminal Investigation Unit [CIU]

The largest plainclothes unit in the force, the backbone of the investigation into illegal wrongdoing both on-world and off. Tasked with ensuring cases are followed up, and the criminals responsible for the crimes are brought to justice. Rookies interested in complex inquiries are often taken on after a short stint in patrol if they show promise and an eye for case building… A career in the CIU will often lead to High Command positions or promotion into the IAD.

Internal Affairs Department [IAD]

Handles internal discipline matters, honed detectives with a strong inner sense of right and wrong. They will hunt down wrongdoers in the ranks and ensure they are brought before the high command for punishment. These are seasoned officers who have completed complex investigations within the CIU before being promoted into the department.

Fugitive Recovery Team [FRT]

Their task is simple, they are Detectives employed to go out into the far depths of the outlying colonies to bring the most wanted criminals and fugitives to justice. Their job is tough and mortality amongst the unit's officers are high.