Oda Zaibatsu

Union City Spaceport, Earth, Sol
President (R7)
Onomoto Katsukiyo

The Oda Zaibatsu was founded by the merger of Japan’s two biggest keiretsu on 22nd of May 2036 following the relaxation of Japan’s post-war economic restrictions. The choice of name, emulating the first of the three unifiers, draw significant commentary within Japan at the time but was almost unremarked upon abroad. Although one of the founding corporations of Union City, Oda’s power has waned in recent years and in a move that angered some of the more traditionalist shareholders Oda shifted their global headquarters from Tokyo to Union City in 2100. By this point, the Zaibatsu was one of the largest conglomerates in Asia and could afford to take the minor loss from moving its headquarters. Throughout the 2100s Oda forged a particularly strong alliance with the nascent Terran Defence Corps, producing nearly 90% of the Corps' vehicles, armor and uniforms in vast numbers, particularly after the merger with the AAF, when vast numbers of troops needed to be equipped and supplied in a relatively short amount of time. This alliance continues (albeit in a more restrained manner) to this day with Oda researchers frequently helping the TDC develop new technologies and weapons.

Oda, while one of the founders of the Union, has traditionally been slower to adapt to social, economic and technological changes. In 2124 this slow adaptation to change almost caused disaster for the corporation when the advent of new production techniques nearly pushed the company to the brink of bankruptcy as they continued to rely on outmoded non-nanite based industrial techniques of the 20th century; however, a shareholder mandated round of layoffs among the upper management rapidly restored investor confidence. As part of their adaptation to a world where most consumer goods could be 'printed-on-demand' Oda switched from simple bulk supply to a more design, patent and specialist manufacturing. This led to an increased reliance not on vertical integration but on the ability to produce small scale electronics, increasingly essential for modern life more cost effectively than other corporations. Specially negotiated licensing deals with both Providence Computing Systems and the Senate have allowed for the production of increasingly high-end bionic implants, including the vaunted Focus. With significant sales to the Agencies and Corporate Security teams, this adaptation and re-specialization have certainly worked out for Oda in the long term.

In 2132, Gohan Food Services (a subsidiary of the Oda Zaibatsu) unveiled its first chain of restaurants: NeoNoodle a set of mid-range izakaya-style bar-restaurants. While a big success in Union City and the rest of Asia the chain has yet to make it big in the more Anglo-centric frontier. The second of Gohan's restaurant chains, however, became an overnight success both on Earth and in the colonies. 'Gohan-Speedy!' with its range of simple, quick to prepare and eat donburi and ramen style meals prepared in two minutes or less it found itself quickly becoming a perceived 'healthy alternative' to Avalon's ubiquitous Castle Burger chain throughout the Union. The two chains are often found in similar locations throughout the Union and there is an almost universal rivalry between franchise owners.

While traditionally a 'peaceful' corporation, if such a thing could be said to exist among the megacorporations who routinely vie with each other for the control of valuable markets, Oda has engaged in some corporate espionage and sabotage and it has long been rumored that the organization has ties to the Syndicate. Of course, such allegations have never been proved and Oda is quick to claim libel damages. It has been suggested in underground media outlets however that the sabotage of grain processing facilities on New Avalon that resulted in the deaths of 25 people in 2158 was paid for by Oda executives looking to damage Avalon's grip on the Frontier.

Oda was slow to engage in both solar and extra-solar colonization, having only begun in the last decade with the purchase of Europa from North Star Mining and the founding of a colony on Clia 5A48 - an outpost so small it hasn’t earned an official name yet. Many commentators are curious as to why a corporation that has been so traditionally Earthbound, and economically conservative has started expanding, particularly down the unexplored Gethan Arm at such great cost to itself, and relying so heavily on another corporation to do so. Speculation has ranged from a somewhat prosaic desire to return to their vertically integrated routes to the entirely fantastical speculations that Oda has discovered a new energy source or sentient alien life.

By 2156 the Oda Zaibatsu was instrumental in laying the groundwork of the Terran Union Council ensuring that the corporations still had a voice while preventing unrest by offering power to the people. Like most Japanese companies Oda follows the Shushin-Koyo (Lifetime Employment) model where employees work for the corporation for life, often displaying great loyalty to the corporation and putting the corporation before self. This lifetime employment policy, political compromise and the public perception of being 'for the citizens, not just the founders' has led Oda to be seen as the 'nicest' of the “big three” megacorporations.

Rank Name Description
0 Shachiku Interns must prove themselves before they are allowed to join Oda as regular Employees.
1 Salaryman Salarymen have proved themselves loyal to the corp above all else and have been trained to an acceptable standard. They make up the rank and file of departments.
2 Komono Particularly successful Salarymen are called Komono and are truly on their first step of the corporate ladder.
3 Doshin Doshin are responsible for meeting quotas and setting groups to tasks.
4 Yoriki Yoriki are in charge of large-scale operations and keeping the Doshin in line.
5 Omi Omi report to Daimyo and may run smaller departments.
6 Daimyo Daimyo run departments.
7 President The President runs the faction and reports to the Shareholders.

Oda Heavy Industry

Oda Heavy Industry is primarily focused on large-scale industrial projects from colony upgrades to equipping entire factions OHI can do anything on a large scale.

Gohan Food Services

Gohan is one of the largest manufacturers of foodstuffs in the Union, and have several restaurants throughout human space.

Oda Electronics

Oda Electronics split off from OHI in 2128 when it grew large enough to become a separate branch, primarily focused on creating electronic components and bionics, this branch is often where Shachiku cut their teeth.

Oda Securities

Oda’s brutal enforcement arm. Often dressed head to toe in crimson.