Terran Defense Corps

Union City, Mars, T.U.S. Nova Prime
General (R7)
Remus Campbell

Anonymous said:
Law and liberty go hand in hand. For without law, liberty becomes anarchy and chaos, and without liberty the law becomes a tyranny. If you must choose between the two, tyranny is the only one that allows a degree of order.

The Terran Defense Corps was created in 2098 following the merger between Union City and the European Union. Due to the continuing conflicts in the Middle East and Asia, military defense was one of the prime concerns of the newborn Terran Union. Union City had been in conflict from almost the day of its birth. The Chinese Oligarchy, having failed to control its generals, was left powerless as in 2050 their nation was carved up into divided, often warring states. Into this chaos, a conglomerate of corporations created a free state in which commerce and free trade could flourish. As the Union City Freestate grew, they came into conflict with neighboring warlords. This came to a head in the year 2088, when in order to maintain the security of the Freestate, the corporate forces of Union City began an aggressive expansion into the lands surrounding their new corporate utopia. Many of the warlords, fearing that they would lose power, declared a patriotic war to combat the Union government forces. When the EU merged, with the now enlarged Union City Freestate, the war took on a new phase of offensive operations for the newborn Terran Union. After ten years of continuous warfare, there were more than a hundred million Chinese, mostly civilians, dead and the finances of the Terran Union were nearly ruined.

While China was being integrated, the Middle East was ruptured by the rebirth of the old Babylonian religion of Baal. This attracted many extremists from all over the world. Moderates were ousted from power and society. In early 2102, the Baalites declared a holy war on the Terran Union. Having taken over much of Mesopotamia and destabilized the region, these extremists assembled the most massive army in existence totaling 200 million from every corner of the world. The conflict first touched Israel and the Union state of Greece. The Terran Union, having much of its forces tied up in continuing pacification efforts in China, ordered its reserves to invade Kuwait and Qatar seizing oil wells and refineries. These initial forces, mostly from former European units ended up fighting a defensive war from fixed positions for the initial months of the war. These forces were bolstered in 2103 by AAF forces as the Federation negotiated its entry into the Union. These modern, battle-hardened forces were vital in the Battle of the Fertile Crescent inflicting a crushing defeat on the Baalite troops. As the insurgencies in China wound down more and more soldiers were diverted to the Middle Eastern quagmire. With no end to the conflict in sight the government ordered an unofficial genocide to be initiated, under the Neutralization Plan, which took official effect on 2105, the government made genocide legal against anyone who dared resist. Despite these measures, the Baal War continued till 2108 leaving much of the Middle East in ruins and to this day, the Euphrates River is littered with massive armaments and broken down equipment.

General Darius Tomahawk led the Terran Defense Corps during the Neutralization Plan. His policies, although brutal, managed to pacify all significant threats in the Middle East. He justified the Neutralization Plan quoting all other past conflicts. Realizing that genocidal warfare was always useful in past wars in the Middle East, his arguments convinced the Union leaders of his intent to end all wars in the land. After receiving praise for his successful campaigns, he went into politics to run for office in the Council representing the TDC. He won an overwhelming election for the seat due to his build-up of support over the years. Though from time to time, he butts heads with the Guns of the Conclave'Guns of the Conclave'. Having designated them as a terrorist organization, in the beginning, he at first campaigned to destroy them and sent troops to deal with the threat. Over time, many soldiers in the army ranks either deserted to the GoC or were beaten outright in battle. Seeing the signs of a possible defeat, General Tomahawk made overtures to Kane Vorhaus to put an end to the conflict once and for all. Even going so far as to vote in favor of creating a new permanent seat for the GoC on the Council. The result was a lasting yet uneasy peace.

In 2115, when the South American nations were called on to submit by the Union Government, half of the Southern continent united their forces to resist this encroachment on their independence. The other half of the countries, knowing they stood little chance against the combined arms and might of the Union, submitted reluctantly. Though united on paper, the many armies of South America were easy to pacify. In 2 years, the Union Government crushed the last of the opposition. What remains of the opposition are scattered guerrilla fighters.

The continent of Africa was a different story. Many of the British Commonwealth states automatically joined the Union with little difficulty. Most nations in the north put up token resistance to the Terran Defense Corps. Having remembered the Neutralization Plan from a few decades earlier, they understood the alternative of heavy resistance meant certain death.

The last independent country to be integrated into the Union was Russia. Under the leadership of the Kremlin, and many other dissident groups, they decided to form a haven for all those that protected Russian independence and nationalism. The TDC deployed in 2118 on the borders of western and south-eastern Russia. Many from all over the world protested the incursion and secretly began leaving to join the Russian ranks. Most within the Terran Union who peacefully opposed were arrested and sent to the gulags. The depopulation and arrest of many only emboldened the greed of the corporations in eliminating any dissent while also causing resistance groups to try to topple the Union government. This was met by the police forces in assisting the corporation in their cause in return for funding and resources to maintain government control. Of all the wars to be fought, this one was the bloodiest. Having fought many battles and tired of the endless conflict, coupled with the high cost in manpower losses and debt, forced the Terran Union to resort to quick and desperate measures to conclude this war with minimal investment. Russia's nuclear arsenal was targeted first and all the other major cities with Helium bombs. Having turned the cities into wastelands, the TDC rolled in and decimated the countryside. The oilfields of Baku and the vast natural gas reserves in Siberia were taken over. This was the war where mercy was thrown out the window. The conflict lasted up until 2120 when the last underground stronghold was gassed. New settlers were sent in to replace the local population. It is estimated that this conflict cost the lives of over 400 million worldwide.

After the wars were over the army was unleashed against minority groups who promoted secession from the union. Whenever the police were unavailable to neutralize a growing threat, they called in the military.

After the colonial space-age began, the government began sending TDC troops to guard the supply lines and new trade lanes that extended throughout the solar system. Of course, this was no easy task, the fact that the planets were always orbiting meant that trade lanes were ever changing. To maintain control of the other planets the government deployed the Terran Defense Corps to establish outposts in all the colonies. Needless to say, these efforts were somewhat expensive to maintain and created opportunity for rebellion and piracy. A new permanent base of operations was needed to establish direct control of the colonies. To do so, the most massive spaceship was created as the ideal link with the Outer Colonies. This large ship was christened the name T.U.S. Nova Prime. With it, they were able to exert control of the Outer Colonies. Given the time it takes for travel from one colony to another, the need for Nova Prime was essential to the Terran Union. To this day, it acts as the primary headquarters for the TDC in all colonial expeditions.

There was even an indirect war being raged at this time between the government and the corporations with sporadic ceasefires and truces taking place all time. From time to time TDC would be deployed against mercenaries or private security forces who fought for the corporations. Moreover, even within the corruption of the government, there were times when the army and the police would come to blows with each other.

In 2154, the colony of Getha was attacked by an extraterrestrial race known colloquially as 'Xenos'. This was the first official encounter and resulted in emergency forces being teleported into the colony to contain the danger. In the next few years, these creatures raided many of the faraway colonies humans had settled in. Under severe pressure, the Union forces turned to the GoC to supplement their efforts to protect the vital trade lanes.

In this world no one is good. There is only control or be controlled.

Rank Name Description
0 Recruit
1 Private
2 Corporal
3 Sergeant
4 Captain
5 Major
6 Colonel
7 General

Light Infantry

Originally the combined corporate security forces that helped the newly founded Union City defeat the warlords of China in the Union War. When the militaries of the Anglo-American Federation were integrated into the Terran Defense Corps in 2103 almost, all their highly mechanized infantry forces ended up in Light Infantry formations. Often equipped with Class Two armor and M6s the Light Infantry provides the majority of the TDC's patrol capability.​


The Grenadiers were originally heavy infantry formations created when the European Union surrendered its sovereignty to the newly formed Terran Union in 2098. Some of the longest-serving and most storied units come from the Grenadiers who served with great distinction in the Baal War. While often used alongside the Light Infantry in 'patrol gear' Grenadiers excel as both a quick response force and static defense force when equipped with heavy Class Three armor and with heavy weapons such as the grenade launcher mixed in with their M6s. Elite Grenadiers (often called Bombermen) act as the TDCs explosives experts with roles placing, detecting, and defusing explosive devices.​

Union Training Cadre

As the need to train effective replacements for casualty losses grew in the various Wars of Unification it was soon discovered that a central system of training for recruits was required as the often different training cadres of the militaries that formed the TDC would train new recruits in a variety of methods that did not mesh well on the battlefield. The UTC was established in 2105 with training centers set up across the Union though since 2132 all training has been done aboard the T.U.S. Nova Prime and in the TDC HQ in Union City.​

Orbital Command

Orbital Command was created from the remnants of the space navies that were built up before the economic collapse, primarily the AAF's Space Corps today the Command is responsible for controlling the space stations and starships of the Union, engaging in interstellar survey missions and maintaining and crewing the T.U.S. Nova Prime.​

Quartermaster Department

The Quartermaster Department was founded to ensure TDC's operational readiness. Members of this department focus on preparing armor, munitions, medical supplies, explosives, and defensive equipment to keep the TDC supplied on the frontlines. Working for the military, members of the quartermaster department are often considered supply chain specialists. Many members of the quartermaster department frequently join the service from past experience in corporations.

Military Intelligence Division

The MID was founded in 2108 in using lessons learned from the Baal War. MID's role is to maintain internal discipline within the TDC and to evaluate internal and external threats to the Union. Sometimes called the Men in Black in reference to their habit of wearing black trench coats the MID occasionally infiltrates other factions to great success.​


The Jaeger Corps was formed from the elite European battalions and the most hardened Union City troops at the formation of the TDC in 2098 and enlarged with the addition of the various special forces units of the AAF in 2103. The Jaeger carry the traditions of these units into the 22nd century. Equipped with the best weapons and armor available to the Union the power-armored troops of the Jaegers deploy where the fighting is heaviest and the need is highest.​

Combat Directions Group

The CDG operates as the high command and logistics department of the TDC. Guiding the direction of the faction, taking overall operational command and providing supplies to beleaguered troops. The CDG can most often be found in meetings in the TDC HQ in Union City or directing significant operations in the Combat Command Room aboard the T.U.S. Nova Prime.