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The Syndicate[edit | edit source]


    • Headquarters**\\ Unknown


    • First Master (R7)** \\ Haru Nenji


Faction Background[edit | edit source]

As the chaos surrounding the formation of the CPC started to die down in 2132, several criminal groups began to realize the danger a unified police force could pose. While periodic and highly publicized purges against organized crime had become somewhat common since the foundation of the Terran Union, the risk of a unified force acting both on Earth and in the Colonies meant that even the traditionally powerful organized crime groups were under threat.

It took the complete destruction of the Herrero Cartel, in September of 2132, for the Cosa Nascosta to organize a meeting between the five largest criminal groups of the period.

There is no recording of what was said at the meeting, or even where it took place, though tradition says that it was in the warehouse that now operates as the Syndicate’s HQ. What is known is that on that day five became one, at least in theory. Don Fuccillo stepped down as leader of the Cosa Nascosta and became the first First Master of the Syndicate.

The gangs of the Syndicate weathered the next seven years well. Providing a united front against the Terran Union, the Syndicate Gangs expanded to the stars, while those who had remained independent struggled and by and large saw the advantage of joining the Syndicate.

In 2139, however, Don Fuccillo died unexpectedly of a heart attack. This left the Syndicate leaderless before many of the gangs had assimilated the idea of being a unified front. Several of the leaders of the gangs began to compete for the prize of the title of First Master. This so-called Shadow War lasted for almost three years, with many lesser gangs being wiped out or absorbed into larger groups. The first two years of the Shadow War barely registered in the public eye, however, as the conflict grew in scope, the violence drew the attention of the CPC. The Shadow War abruptly ceased with the complete and merciless destruction of the Barébhoth Cartel by CPC officers backed up by TDC heavy weapons squads. The Terran Union’s brutal suppression of the violence and the destruction of one of the original five gangs shocked the Syndicate into remembering why they had united in the first place. The gangs organized a truce and quickly voted in Haru Nenji of the Kuroiryu-Gumi as First Master.

Under Haru Nenji, the Syndicate really began to formalize its structure and the code of conduct which it considered necessary to avoid another Shadow War. The Code originally consisted of a single tenet: “Don’t bring the Okami (police) down on us”, however, the Code has since grown into a complex set of written and unwritten rules. To uphold the Code, and to prevent allegations of bias in 2147, each Master nominated a single trusted member of their gang to act as a neutral Arbiter of the Code, most such Arbiters serve for a year or so before returning to their gang but several so-called ‘Senior Arbiters’ have served for many years. The written portion of the Code consists of 5 tenets:

The Code[edit | edit source]
 * The Syndicate works best in the shadows, while the Union may have knowledge of us, it is best if we do not draw the attention of the government to our business.
 * The Syndicate is a confederation of gangs. The Master of a gang is its master, no other may interfere in the internal management of his gang saving the First Master and the Arbiters. The First Master and the Arbiters may only interfere in the internal management of a gang due to violations of the Code.
 * Gangs may conflict with each other, but we should remember that the Syndicate exists to enable co-operation. If the Council mandates, gangs cease their dispute, they must do so and accept arbitration.
 * Any action that brings the Syndicate into disrepute as a whole may be considered a violation of the Code. Actions that bring individual gangs into disrepute may not necessarily be violations of the Code.
 * Gangs are responsible for training their Pledges both in the Code and in their roles within the gang.

In 2153, Haru Nenji established a coherent system of rankings across the Syndicate, a move that has some traditionalists worried about an increase in the centralization of the faction. Supporters, however, say that these reforms will help the faction in the rare times when it must work as one.

Haru Nenji is rumored to be retiring soon as he is nearly 70 years old and has continuously refused cloning treatments. Several gang leaders have announced their intention to succeed him though all so far have stated their intent for a peaceful transition, whether or not these peaceful intentions survive Haru Nenji’s retirement is yet to be seen.

Faction Ranks[edit | edit source]

^ Rank ^ Name ^ Description | | 0 | Pledge | The Pledge is the first step in the Syndicate, a Pledge must learn both his trade and the Code in order to prosper.​ | | 1 | Thug | The Thug has proven themselves worthy of the Code and must now aim for promotion within his gang. | | 2 | Foot Soldier | Foot Soldiers make up the bulk of the Syndicate, trusted and loyal enough for most tasks but still needing to earn the confidence of his superiors. | | 3 | Kyodai | Literally ‘big brother’ Kyodai is responsible both for the welfare and for the discipline of the junior ranks, often acting as trainers and mentors. | | 4 | Made Man | A Made Man has proved his loyalty to the gang and is often granted a territory to administer on the gang’s behalf. | | 5 | Capo | Capos are the seconds in command of a gang. Larger gangs will have two or three Capos while the smallest will have one. | | 6 | Master | Masters run gangs, some short-lived gangs have only one Master before fading away but many of the more successful gangs have a line of ‘inheritor’ Masters going back to their founder. | | 7 | First Master | In theory the First Master is merely first among equals, in reality, the position holds significant power, as such the First Master usually leaves his gang to take up the position full time. |

Departments[edit | edit source]

**Cosa Nascosta**

The Cosa Nascosta originated in Italy but in general, has operated out of North America. After the dirty bomb destroyed Manhattan, the main center of operations for the gang has been Chicago with a mix of high tech cyber-crime, protection rackets, and drug dealing.


The Kuroiryu-Gumi originates in Japan but has spread to the colonies. Rumored to have ties with Oda, Kuroiryu-Gumi focuses mainly on the illicit drugs trade and colonial smuggling.